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SED 567 AdvThry/Prac Tch Childw/EBD

This course presents theory and practice for teaching children and youth who present social, emotional and behavioral challenges. A primary emphasis is placed on strategies to meet the needs of youngsters with both identified and non-identified emotional and behavioral disorders, mental health conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and those within the prison system. The historical background of the field and evolution of conceptual models of treatment will be examined. Students will develop an understanding of biological and social-cultural factors and current issues in schools and communities (drugs, gangs, bullying, trauma, suicide) that place youngsters at risk. The course will emphasize preventive models that are implemented school-wide, trauma informed practices, effective classroom interventions, individualized programs, and how to utilize community resources to support children and families. Students will critique programs and curricula available to assist children and youth in developing social emotional competence, self-regulation and executive function skills. Content related to NYSED requirements for training on autism spectrum disorders is included in this course. Required field experience is 9 hours. Pre-requisite or co-requisite SED 512, or SEE 249, or SED 260, SED 366 or equivalent. Spring.