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SED 522 Autism Spectrum Disorders

This course addresses the characteristics, definitions and theories of etiology proposed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Students will review assessment procedures, interventions, instructional methods and programs used through the life span, while considering the diversity of abilities and needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Emphasis is given to social-emotional, communication, sensory, self-regulatory, behavioral and academic needs. Evidence-based and promising interventions and practices are reviewed in this course. A 10-hour field-experience is arranged during class-time where students provide instruction in social learning and self-regulation to children and youth with ASD from the community. Parental contact and communication with school and community partners is an essential component of the field experience. Content related to NYSED requirements for training on autism spectrum disorders is included in this course. Prerequisites: SED 512 or equivalent course in behavior. Meet with instructor prior to start of course. Fingerprint clearance required. Fall.