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SED 519 Inst Prac Divers Learn Eng Soc

This course is designed to enable the candidate to design, deliver, and assess instruction at the course, unit, and lesson levels. A particular emphasis is placed on the various instructional strategies across domains of learning that can be used with students with disabilities who are in inclusive secondary (grades 7-12) school classrooms as they pursue rigorous curricula in English and social studies. Emphasis is placed on integration of content areas and the ability to design units and lessons in accordance with the Next Generation NYS Learning Standards as well as professional group standards. Curriculum designed for learners with a full range of needs and abilities (including those with disabilities and English language learners) will be considered and implemented. Evidence based practices for the acquisition, retention, and expression are applied to the content area. Research- based instructional strategies will provide the basis for student- centered and inquiry- based approaches in the planning, implementation and evaluation of instruction. Collaboration and consultation methods and models will be integrated in this course. Required field experience is 20 hours. Prerequisite: Fingerprint clearance. Fall.