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SED 517 Adapting Instruction for Stdnt

A course designed to provide the candidate with a comprehensive review of the various curricular and instructional accommodations for students in inclusive educational programs as they pursue rigorous curricula in English, mathematics, science/technology, and/or social studies. The course focuses on research-based accommodations and modifications across content areas that have been shown to be effective for learners with a full range of needs and abilities (including those with disabilities and English language learners). The role of assistive technology in the inclusive classroom will be presented. Students will demonstrate the ability to work within collaborative partnerships to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and to design instruction to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities in general education settings aligned with the Next Generation NYS Learning Standards. Collaboration and consultation models will be integrated into this course. A 15-hour practicum experience is required. Prerequisite: Fingerprint clearance. Fall.