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SED 515 Fnd&Pract Incl Stud w/Dis PK-6

This course is designed to provide students with understanding of individuals with disabilities (grades Pre-K-6), the similarities and differences that occur among individuals who are defined as having disabilities, and how these variations relate to diagnosis and remediation.  An overview of the 13 primary disability categories provided by IDEA and NYS Part 200 is provided but emphasis is given to high incidence disabilities within this course. The legal, historical, sociological and cultural context for special education services and inclusive practices will be examined so that students will come to understand their roles and responsibilities for collaboration, co-teaching and teaming among special educators, related service personnel, administrators, and family members.  The process for pre-referral interventions in a multi-tiered system of support, referral to the Committee on Special Education, and the development and implementation of Individual Education Plans will be examined. The implementation of positive behavioral supports and interventions will also be examined to assist students in addressing social, behavioral and classroom management needs.  Major emphasis will be given to how general education teachers can promote the participation and progress of students with disabilities in the general education curriculum through the use of Universal Design for Learning, and incorporate accommodations and adaptations across a range of individualized needs.  Pre-requisite or co-requisite with ELE 580 for childhood and ECE 538 for early childhood.  A 15-hour field experience is required.  Fall, Spring.