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SED 512 Classrm Mngmnt Individ Behav

The course addresses the range of behavioral differences observed in typical children and youth as well as the challenges seen among youngsters with mental health issues, disabilities and other behavior challenges. Emphasis is placed upon multi-tiered systems of school-wide positive behavior supports (PBS) and classroom management techniques that will enhance both individual and group learning in a safe and well-organized environment. The focus on trauma informed practices and methods of discipline that support students’ academic and social-emotional development are provided. This includes curricula to assist children and youth in developing social emotional competence, self-regulation and executive function skills. Candidates complete a functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plan based on a semester long process of observing one child, collecting data, and analyzing the data. Candidates develop and implement activities and lessons for individual and group instruction at each tier of behavior support. Content related to NYSED requirements for training on autism spectrum disorders is included in this course. A 15-hour field experience is required. Prerequisite: Fingerprint clearance. Spring.