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SED 501 Intro to Ind w/Dis/Ed Settings

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of individuals with disabilities and exceptionalities, the similarities and differences that occur among individuals who are defined as exceptional, and how these variations relate to typical development. A focus on the 13 primary disability categories according to IDEA and NYSED Part 200 is provided. Legal, historical and cultural perspectives of disability within our culture are provided as candidates evaluate current issues in the field from the perspective of those identified with disabilities. Topics related to working with families and children from diverse backgrounds, including those with limited English proficiency, early identification of children with disabilities, and intervention models are included. The type and range of services available within national, state and local communities are examined, with a focus on home-school-community partnerships. Content related to NYSED requirements for training on autism spectrum disorders is included in the course. A 10-hour field experience and fingerprint clearance are required.