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SIE 566 Assess Content Instruc & Indiv

Candidates will identify the ways in which teaching and learning are informed by assessment theory, research and data. They will identify methods and strategies for monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting assessment for the purposes of responding to the factors that impact teaching and learning. Students will examine both standardized and non-standardized methods of assessment. Emphasis is placed on the role of assessment and its application to the identification of learners with disabilities, the diagnosis and the plan for use of evidence-based practices for remediation of specific learning problems through the development of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students will examine and and use formative and summative evaluation of learners with and without disabilities, such as curriculum based measures and continuous progress monitoring in relation to Response to Intervention for data-driven instructional decision-making. Students will conduct informal assessments and analyze formal assessment reporting. A 5-hour field experience is required. Fall, Summer.