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Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)

The Aid for Part-Time Study program is a grant funded by New York State. Matriculated undergraduate New York State residents who are attending college at a part-time level (enrolled in fewer than twelve credit hours per semester) are eligible to apply for APTS. Students must submit an APTS application, the FAFSA and copies of their New York State tax forms and, if dependent, their parents’ New York State tax forms. Recipients must meet income guidelines and academic requirements set by New York State and cannot have exceeded the maximum number of TAP award payments.

Amounts of APTS awards are determined by the College, based on the availability of New York State funding, and may vary from semester to semester. The maximum award that can be received for an academic year is $2000. The acceptance of an Aid for Part-Time Study award will decrease lifetime New York State TAP award eligibility. Students who are APTS recipients must meet certain academic standards and satisfactory Program Pursuit in order to continue receiving funds from this program. The same standards for the TAP programs apply, with APTS recipients being reviewed after every two semesters in which an APTS award was received.