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Institutional Scholarships and Grants

The College of Saint Rose offers scholarships and grants designed to assist in payment of the tuition bill. Eligibility for these awards is based upon a variety of criteria, including but not limited to, academic merit, financial need, and athletic talent. Regardless of the type of institutional award, it may not exceed the cost of tuition when combined with other awards that are designated for tuition only. A case in point would be New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Thus, institutional scholarships or grants, in combination with TAP, may not exceed the cost of tuition.

Institutional financial aid is awarded for full-time study (at least twelve credits per semester) during the fall or spring semesters only. Institutional grants or scholarships may be awarded for study during the summer semester at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid. Generally, an otherwise eligible applicant may be granted institutional financial aid award(s) for full-time study during the summer semester if the summer semester is the final semester of study toward the degree. Similarly, if a student enrolls for a final semester of attendance and fewer than twelve credits are required for the degree, institutional financial aid eligibility may be awarded in an amount proportional to the percent of full-time tuition charged to the student. In any case, the student must submit a written appeal for extension of institutional financial aid eligibility for semesters of part-time study, or for full-time study during the summer semester, to the Director of Financial Aid.

Students who withdraw from the College or enroll for part-time study will become ineligible for institutional financial aid awards indefinitely. If a student must take a semester off or enroll for part-time study for one semester and he/she wishes to defer eligibility for an institutional financial aid award until a subsequent semester of full-time study, he/she must submit a written request for such a deferment to the Director of Financial Aid. Any such deferment of financial aid eligibility will be at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid and will be effective for one semester only.

If a student withdraws from some or all credits during a semester and is liable for less than 100% of tuition charges, institutional financial aid award(s) will be prorated. Accordingly, the proration of the award(s) will be proportional to the percent of tuition liability for that semester. All Federal student aid funds are subject to the Federal refund policies. Federal financial aid is earned as you attend classes each academic term. If you stop attending classes for any reason, your financial aid is prorated based on the number of days completed within the enrollment period. If a student has received more Federal aid than what was earned prior to the withdrawal date, The College must return the excess aid to the Federal Government. The student would then be responsible for any resultant account balance.