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Application Procedures and Deadlines

All students who wish to be considered for financial aid eligibility, whether it be through institutional, Federal, or State funds, must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, listing The College of Saint Rose Federal School Code (002705)  to allow the College to receive the application data electronically. By submitting the FAFSA, a student is applying for all forms of Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs, including the Pell Grant, the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work Study and the Federal Loan Programs (Perkins Loan, Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students). The FAFSA is also used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the College’s Grant-In-Aid program. Annual submission of the FAFSA is expected of all recipients of institutional aid, including those awards based on merit, talent, or athletic ability. It is required of those receiving full-tuition or larger grants from the College in order to incorporate Pell or TAP awards for which the student may be eligible.

Submission of the FAFSA will generate an Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) and a Student Aid Report (SAR). The ISIR is the electronic document transmitted to each college/university indicated on the FAFSA. If The College of Saint Rose Federal School Code (002705)  is listed on the FAFSA, the College will receive the ISIR electronically. The SAR contains the same information as the ISIR and is made available to the student either electronically or by mail. The ISIR/SAR contains data required to determine an applicant’s financial aid eligibility.

The priority deadline for receiving the ISIR at The College of Saint Rose is February 1 for summer and fall semesters and November 1 for the spring semester. ISIRs received after February 1 will be evaluated, but some funds may no longer be available for late applicants.