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School of Mathematics and Sciences

Programs of Undergraduate Study Degree
Biochemistry BS
Biology BS
Biology: Adolescence Education BS
Biology-Cytotechnology BS
Chemistry BS
Computer Science BS
Criminal Justice, Behavior & Law BS
Cyber Forensics Certificate
Cybersecurity  BS 
Forensic Psychology BS
Forensic Science BS
Information Technology BS
Information Technology Certificate
Internet Programming Certificate
Mathematics BA
Mathematics: Adolescence Education BS
Medical Technology BS
Psychology  BA 
Psychology BS
Public Health  BS 
Social Work  BS

Dual Degree Programs Degrees
Biology: Adolescence Education/Special Education 7-12 Generalist BA/MSED
Computer Science/Information Technology  BS/MS
Information Technology BS/MS
Mathematics: Adolescence Education/Special Education 7-12 Generalist BA/MSED 
Psychology/Business Administration  BS/MBA 
Psychology/Clinical Mental Health Counseling  BS/MSED 

The School of Mathematics & Sciences spans a wide range in disciplines, from the lab-based physical sciences, to mathematics and computer science, to the social sciences. The School’s academic programs offer students a great deal of opportunities for study, research, and field-based practice. Included in these programs are majors designed to prepare graduates to teach high school level biology and mathematics. Our location in the Capital District offers abundant opportunities for internships in laboratory science, computer science, and technology, along with such social service areas as mental health counseling, social work, and criminal justice/forensics. Opportunities also exist throughout the School’s programs for independent research, often carried out alongside faculty mentors. This combination of classroom, lab, and field-based education prepares our students quite well for further graduate study, medical, dental, or veterinary school, or for careers in their chosen professions.

William J. Hagan Research Honors Concentration in Mathematics and Sciences

In order to promote undergraduate research within The College of Saint Rose, the School of Mathematics & Sciences has created a research honors concentration program.

The School recognizes that what constitutes research may vary considerably across disciplines. The descriptions listed below represent the accepted definitions of research within the School of Mathematics & Sciences for individual departments currently offering research honors:

  1. Empirical examination of one or more hypotheses using research protocols and experimental designs appropriate to the student’s discipline (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Physical and Biological Sciences, Psychology, Social Work)
  2. Robust exploratory examination of an advanced Computer Science topic (e.g. programming, design, analysis, simulation) following a traditional research trajectory and/or requiring implementation of a large-scale programming project. (Computer Science)
  3. In-depth critical or theoretical examination of the literature on an unresolved issue in the field. (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Social Work)
  4. Qualitative examination using research protocols and designs appropriate to the student’s discipline. (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Social Work)
  5. Qualitative or deconstructive research that challenges a discipline’s orthodoxy or grand narrative. (Social Work)