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School of Arts and Humanities

Programs of Undergraduate Study Degree
Communications BA
Design Media Arts  BS 
English BA
English: Adolescence Education BA
Graphic Design BFA
History BA
History and Political Science BA
Interdepartmental Studies  BA 
Music BA
Music Education BS
Music-Music Industry BS
Performance  BM
Political Science BA
Social Studies: Adolescence Education BA
Studio Art BFA
Studio Art BS
Translation Spanish-English  Certificate
Dual Degree Programs Degrees
English: Adolescence Education/Special Education 7-12 Generalist (ASPIRE Dual Degree Program) BA/MSED
Social Studies: Adolescence Education/Special Education 7-12 Generalist (ASPIRE Dual Degree Program) BA/MSED


Minors are available in many of the same fields listed above as well as African-American Studies, Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.


The School of Arts & Humanities provides a variety of programs for the College in the best tradition of the liberal arts and excellence in performance and production oriented specialties.  The School’s curriculum ensures that arts and humanities students receive both cutting edge discipline-specific information, and an outstanding foundation in liberal studies. The School’s teaching and research activities illuminate the intrinsic dignity and freedom human beings possess and through which they understand the world.

The School’s faculty comprises a highly qualified guild of artists, performers, and scholars who are deeply committed to quality teaching and intellectual discovery for our students. Faculty likewise contribute to the advancement of knowledge within their respective disciplines.  Most importantly, faculty encourage deep engagement in scholarly research, and promote student inquiry, as well as practical internships in discipline specific context.

The School provides approximately fifty percent of the Liberal Arts/Fine Arts requirements for the College. In addition, we offer high quality degrees in English, History and Political Science, Communications, Music, and Studio Art. Many of our programs support other degree programs in other Schools within the College, such as Education, Business, and Mathematics and Science.  The School also offers an array of minors which compliment major programs across the College’s curriculum.

The School of Arts & Humanities seeks to produce depth and breadth of knowledge, and to do so through programs that provide students with opportunities to develop mastery of an academic or performing discipline, as well as to demonstrate high order skills, such as critical thinking through the examination of theory and the comparison of historical and current data.

The School’s vision is based on the College Vision and Mission and thus seeks the development of the whole person through a strong liberal education program.