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General Music Minor

Program Overview:

Students who major in a field other than music have the option of a minor in music. The General Music Minor involves private study on instrument or voice, classes in music core curriculum, and participation in performing ensembles.

Program Contacts:

Dr. Sherwood Wise

Chair, Music Department


Minor Requirements (19 credits):


An audition with members of the Music Department faculty is required for the General Music Minor at The College of Saint Rose. For examples of appropriate audition repertoire, please consult the College of Saint Rose Webpage:

Music Talent Awards

During the audition, faculty also make recommendations for Talent Award scholarships. Music talent awards are available to qualified entering students on the basis of their musical and academic abilities. Music talent scholarship recipients are required maintain a minimum average of 3.0 in their music courses and a minimum cumulative average of 2.0. Those who perform at an acceptable level on a secondary instrument or voice that may serve the needs of Department ensembles are also eligible for awards. 

As part of the responsibility for accepting this award, students will be required to perform in 1 to 2 ensembles in addition to the required performing ensemble, as determined by the Music Department Talent Award Committee. This scholarship is available for up to eight semesters.  Students seeking scholarship beyond the standard 8-semester sequence may submit their request to the Talent Award Committee for consideration (contact the Music Department Chair for more information).

General Music Courses:

MUS 101Music Theory I


MUS 103Ear Training and Solfege


MUS 393Applied Music Primary Instr


MUS 255Survey of Music 1


MUS 256Survey of Music 2


Students must take 4 semesters of MUS 393.

Major Performing Ensembles:

Students select the major performing ensemble based on their applied area.

MUS 287Electric Guitar Ensemble

0 or 1

MUS 289Symphony Orchestra

0 or 1

MUS 290Symphonic Band

0 or 1

MUS 291Masterworks Chorale

0 or 1

MUS 292Wind Ensemble

0 or 1

Students must take 4 semesters of Ensemble.