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SEE 360 Literacy & Lit Young Children

This course is designed to prepare candidates to evaluate and develop children's literacy in primary grade classrooms in accordance with standards for the English Language Arts established by New York State and other professional organizations. Emphasis is placed on identifying approaches to literacy and the ways in which various approaches foster the development of young students’ phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and composition. Additional emphases include strategies for early diagnosis and intervention, evaluating developmentally appropriate children’s literature, and fostering optimal learning environments for all learners. A variety of assessment methods, teaching strategies and materials will be critiqued and used in an effort to address the needs of heterogeneous learners including pupils with exceptional skills, pupils with disabilities, and pupils who are English Language Learners. Fulfills writing-intensive requirement. A 10-hour supervised field experience is required for this course. Students must have fingerprinting clearance from The New York State Department of Education to complete the required field experience. Prerequisites: EPY 244 or 245. Pre- or co-requisites ECE 253, SEE 245, or EDU 245. Prerequisite CSD 235 (SEED majors). Fall, Spring