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HIS 268 African History bef 1885

This course explores the expansion of Bantu people across the continent, the rise of Sudanese Kingdoms in West Africa, the evolution and impact of the trans-Saharan and East African trading networks, the spread of Islam and effects of religious jihads in West Africa, the development of North African states and the Golden Age of the Moors, the Mfecane and the rise of white settlement in South Africa. Students will examine various processes of state formation, traditional systems of lineage, dependency, and production, and the impact of the rise of the transatlantic slave trade after the 15th century. The course is a preparatory course designed for majors and Social Studies concentrators, emphasizing enhanced development of analytical and research skills. Open to HIS/POS majors and Social Studies concentrators, or with permission of the instructor. Fulfills diversity requirement. Fall (L03)