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HIS 227 US History since 1865

This course is designed to provide an overview of U.S. history since 1865 with particular relevance to history and political science majors and elementary and secondary education social studies concentrators. The course will explore both domestic and international dimensions of the long 'American Century,' and stress major political, economic and social themes. Students will be introduced to the 'building blocks' of the historian's craft: the primary sources like official documents, newspapers, letters, ads and material artifacts that historians use in fashioning their interpretations of historical events. We will also explore varying and contending interpretations of history---"historiography"---to understand and evaluate the differing values and perspectives historians bring to their work. Students will sharpen critical thinking skills while learning to analyze historical arguments and to construct their own. One credit of this course will be offered online. Fulfills diversity requirement. Fall, Spring (L03)