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ESC 104 Stars, Galaxies & the Universe

Astronomy deals with the study of the cosmos as observed in the night sky. This entails the detailed examination of the various classes of celestial objects: galaxies, stars, quasars, and black holes. Their physical properties and celestial motions are studied. Stellar lifecycles are presented from birth to death. The current theories of galaxy lifecycles are also studied to learn how and why the models of the cosmos change with each new set of observations. Cosmology deals with the origins and development of our universe. Particle physics is also included. NASA video, Online NASA lecture series and computer on-line Smartwork homework is used as well. Prerequisites:Arithmetic and basic Algebra are required/Trigonometry is introduced as needed along with Scientific Notation. Math placement score 54+ mandatory. Internet access for Online homework, quizzes, and labs. (L09)