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EDU 386 Tchg Sci/Math 1-6

This course models the principles of an integrated approach for teaching science and mathematics to students in grades 1-6. It will examine the theories and research-based practices that provide the basis for student-centered, constructivist, inquiry-based approaches to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of instruction. The course will address the standards posed by the New York State Learning Standards, as well as national professional organizations concerned with math, science and technology education (NCTM and NSTA). Examination of formal and informal assessment methods will be included. Technology will be used as a teacher resource and instructional tool. The connection between math and science and other curricular areas will be addressed, as well as skills for reading and writing in the content areas of mathematics and science. Curriculum modifications for learners with the full range of abilities will be considered and implemented in field experiences. A 15-hour supervised field experience in diverse settings will provide the context for understanding home/school/community relationships. Students must obtain fingerprint clearance prior to beginning field experiences. Prerequisite: EDU 245. Prerequisite or co-requisite: All liberal arts math and science courses should be completed or in process.