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EDU 245 Curric, Assess & Instruct 1-6

This course is designed for majors to develop knowledge and skills in the development of curriculum and instruction. Emphasis is placed on the New York Learning Standards, the impact of these standards on instruction, and instructional design to meet the needs of culturally diverse populations and children with the full range of abilities found in today's schools. Students engage in the development of goals and instructional objectives, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), lesson plans and thematic units that incorporate all domains. The integration of technology as a teacher resource and as an instructional tool will be covered. Appropriate formal and informal assessment tools will be included within the context of unit and lesson plans. Research based instructional models, strategies, methods and procedures are introduced and linked to theoretical and factual knowledge of learning processes and human development. Assessment of learner progress, appropriate classroom accommodations, modifications for students with the full range of abilities and the development of collaborative teaching partnerships are also examined. A 15-hour supervised field experience in first and third grade is required. Students must obtain fingerprint clearance prior to beginning field experiences. Prerequisite or co-requisite EPY 244. Fall, Spring.