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CSC 202 Intro to Programming

Students will gain familiarity with the basic building blocks of all computer programs. Important concepts will include variables, data types, input and output, math operations, programming sequence, decisions, iteration, file input and output, and functional decomposition. Time allowing, an introduction to classes or arrays may also be covered. This course is a prerequisite for most upper-level CSC courses. Successful mastery of programming concepts and skills in this course is a key predictor of success in upper-level CSC courses; thus, a minimum grade of C+ is required for progress to courses with CSC 202 as a prerequisite. Students may not take this class more than twice without faculty approval. Upon successful completion of CSC 202, students should enroll in CSC 252 Problem Solving in Java. Prerequisite: A suitable score on the math placement exam is required to enroll or CSC 111 with a grade of B or higher or CSC 112 with a grade of B or higher. (L08)