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CSC 104 Education Computing

Pre-service teachers will learn to use software programs that will increase their future productivity as teachers. Students will learn how to create presentations and instructional materials using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will learn how to simplify their recordkeeping tasks, perform data analysis, and create graphs using Microsoft Excel. Students will learn how to create classroom and/or instructional webpages and knowledge inquiry learning units, called web quests, via a webpage editor. Students will reinforce techniques learned in class via several projects. In addition to learning practical computer skills, students will learn about various issues concerning the effective use of computers in the classroom. Students will prepare oral presentations to share their research on topics such as digital divide, gender considerations, technology available to assist students with disabilities, quality web resources for homework help, cyber safety for children, and use of www resources in lesson planning and enrichment. Prerequisite: some word-processing skills. (L08)