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Liberal Education Requirements for Childhood Education and Special Education/Childhood Education (SEED) Majors

Childhood Education and SEED majors must fulfill the 41-credit Liberal Education requirement in the following manner in order to meet program requirements (10 additional credits; 51 credits total):

  • Three additional credits in Mathematics: Take MAT 100 (3 credits) to fulfill the “Mathematical Reasoning” (L07) requirement, and, in addition, take MAT 105 (3 credits).
  • Four additional credits in Science: Take SCI 100 (4 credits) to fulfill the “Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry” (L09) requirement, and, in addition, take SCI 200 (4 credits).
  • Three additional credits in Social Studies: Take an additional course within “Historical Knowledge” (L03) or within one of the following disciplines in “Behavioral and Social Sciences”: Economics or Political Science (L10); Anthropology or Sociology (L11).
  • Six total credits in Foreign or American Sign Language: Take three credits to fulfill the “Study of Language” (L02) requirement, and three additional credits to fulfill the “Further Disciplinary Study” requirement.