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Academic Support Center

We seek to provide all Saint Rose students with academic support outside of the classroom and equal access to the information presented in the classroom.  Our goal is not only to help students to become independent learners but also to support their academic success and help them to reach their ultimate goal of graduation.  At Saint Rose, the Academic Support Services Center fosters an interactive partnership among our staff, the faculty, and the students we serve.  Our office is located in Saint Joseph Hall, Second Floor, (518) 454-5299.

Academic Coaches: The Academic Support Center's Academic Coaches provide students with strategies to support them in achieving their goals, whether students need a few study hints of help building skills and strategies for tackling academic projects.  Academic Coaches monitor students' academic success throughout their first-year of studies.  Transfer students are supported through their first year at Saint Rose as well.

  • Drop-in Tutoring:

    The Academic Support Center offers students open group tutoring sessions for various Saint Rose courses. Open tutoring sessions are offered in the academic areas of math, accounting, business, computers, and the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). These sessions do not require an appointment.

  • Study Clusters:

    Tutorial study clusters give students the opportunity to work through particularly demanding course work with the support of classmates and a peer tutor. Students experiencing difficulty with a particular course may contact the Academic Support Center to inquire about creating a study cluster. Faculty members may also request a study cluster be set up for their particular course when needed.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers half-hour and hour-long individual tutoring sessions.  Tutors assist students with any stages of the writing process: selecting a topic, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, organization, research, documentation, and revision.  Most tutoring is by appointment.  Students may call 518-454-5299 or stop by the Academic Support Center on the second floor of Saint Joseph Hall to schedule a session.

Science and Math Skill Development

The Academic Support Center offers learning enrichment programs and academic support for students with science and math concerns. Appointments are strongly encouraged to provide the most appropriate individual help. Students should call (518) 454-2177 or stop by the Academic Support Center to speak with the Assistant Director/Student Development Specialist.

Services to Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for students with documented disabilities are coordinated in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended.

  • Registering:

    Students interested in securing accommodations will need to present appropriate documentation of a disability to the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities. Prospective students are encouraged to meet with the Director early in the admissions process to obtain a copy of the documentation guidelines and to learn about the services provided.

  • Services and accommodations may include but are not limited to:
    1. Faculty notification
    2. Alternative testing arrangements
    3. Note-taking
    4. E-text
    5. Referrals to appropriate campus and/or community resources
    6. Student advocacy
  • Confidentiality:

    All services and referrals offered by the office are kept confidential in accordance with professional, ethical and legal guidelines.