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Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Services

 The AOE Program is designed to admit students to the College who demonstrate a high potential for success, yet are inadmissible under the College’s general admission criteria.

Students who are accepted to the College through Academic Opportunity Experience receive the following supportive services:

  • First Year Launch

    Entering AOE students are required to take part in a First Year Launch. This experience is designed to orient students to campus life, initiate opportunities for academic skills-building through course work, and acquaint students with other support services including tutoring and counseling.

  • Tutorial Services:

    Tutoring is provided on a one-to-one or group basis, depending on the needs of individual students and as available. The cost is covered by AOE and continues throughout the students’ undergraduate experience.

  • Counseling Services:

    Academic support counseling is provided on an individual basis. Referrals are made for personal, career, and financial counseling to the appropriate campus offices.