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Student Affairs

Offices within the division of Student Affairs coordinate programs designed to support students and enhance their academic experience. Services include tutorial support, counseling for HEOP and AOE students, co-curricular programs and activities, disabled student services, Multicultural Affairs, and the Academic Support Center.

Academic Support Center

We seek to provide all Saint Rose students with academic support outside of the classroom and equal access to the information presented in the classroom.  Our goal is not only to help students to become independent learners but also to support their academic success and help them to reach their ultimate goal of graduation.  At Saint Rose, the Academic Support Services Center fosters an interactive partnership among our staff, the faculty, and the students we serve.  Our office is located in Saint Joseph Hall, Second Floor, (518) 454-5299.

Academic Coaches: The Academic Support Center's Academic Coaches provide students with strategies to support them in achieving their goals, whether students need a few study hints of help building skills and strategies for tackling academic projects.  Academic Coaches monitor students' academic success throughout their first-year of studies.  Transfer students are supported through their first year at Saint Rose as well.

  • Drop-in Tutoring:

    The Academic Support Center offers students open group tutoring sessions for various Saint Rose courses. Open tutoring sessions are offered in the academic areas of math, accounting, business, computers, and the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). These sessions do not require an appointment.

  • Study Clusters:

    Tutorial study clusters give students the opportunity to work through particularly demanding course work with the support of classmates and a peer tutor. Students experiencing difficulty with a particular course may contact the Academic Support Center to inquire about creating a study cluster. Faculty members may also request a study cluster be set up for their particular course when needed.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers half-hour and hour-long individual tutoring sessions.  Tutors assist students with any stages of the writing process: selecting a topic, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, organization, research, documentation, and revision.  Most tutoring is by appointment.  Students may call 518-454-5299 or stop by the Academic Support Center on the second floor of Saint Joseph Hall to schedule a session.

Science and Math Skill Development

The Academic Support Center offers learning enrichment programs and academic support for students with science and math concerns. Appointments are strongly encouraged to provide the most appropriate individual help. Students should call (518) 454-2177 or stop by the Academic Support Center to speak with the Assistant Director/Student Development Specialist.

Services to Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for students with documented disabilities are coordinated in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended.

  • Registering:

    Students interested in securing accommodations will need to present appropriate documentation of a disability to the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities. Prospective students are encouraged to meet with the Director early in the admissions process to obtain a copy of the documentation guidelines and to learn about the services provided.

  • Services and accommodations may include but are not limited to:
    1. Faculty notification
    2. Alternative testing arrangements
    3. Note-taking
    4. E-text
    5. Referrals to appropriate campus and/or community resources
    6. Student advocacy
  • Confidentiality:

    All services and referrals offered by the office are kept confidential in accordance with professional, ethical and legal guidelines.

Academic Opportunity Experience (AOE) Services

 The AOE Program is designed to admit students to the College who demonstrate a high potential for success, yet are inadmissible under the College’s general admission criteria.

Students who are accepted to the College through Academic Opportunity Experience receive the following supportive services:

  • First Year Launch

    Entering AOE students are required to take part in a First Year Launch. This experience is designed to orient students to campus life, initiate opportunities for academic skills-building through course work, and acquaint students with other support services including tutoring and counseling.

  • Tutorial Services:

    Tutoring is provided on a one-to-one or group basis, depending on the needs of individual students and as available. The cost is covered by AOE and continues throughout the students’ undergraduate experience.

  • Counseling Services:

    Academic support counseling is provided on an individual basis. Referrals are made for personal, career, and financial counseling to the appropriate campus offices.

Intercultural Leadership

The Office of Intercultural Leadership is responsible for assisting students with their adjustment to college life and to the broader community. The office personnel provide special orientation, mentoring and educational programs pertaining to intercultural issues and leadership for faculty, staff and students. In addition, they work with the College community to develop curricular and co-curricular activities that promote a positive and successful living and learning environment for students.


Residence halls offer a variety of living styles for full-time students, including historic houses, two traditional corridor-style residence halls, and a suite-style residence hall, in addition to on-campus apartments. When a student enters residence, he/she is housed according to where vacancies exist. After the first year, students can choose a room through the room selection process, which is based on a lottery system.

Each residence hall has at least one peer Resident Assistant who lives there to help promote a positive atmosphere and assist the students in any way he/she can. All resident students are required to be on one of several meal plans offered by the College. On-campus residents living in apartments are not required, but may choose to be on the apartment meal plan.

Off-campus housing, consisting of privately-owned and operated apartments and furnished rooms, is also available in the vicinity of the College campus.

Career Center

The Career Center assists students and alumni throughout the career development process. Our staff provides advisement, resources and programs on major and career exploration, part-time jobs and internships, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking and job search strategies, graduate school and post-graduation employment.

Services include individual appointments and walk-ins, career assessments, credential files, as well as a variety of career-related programs and events including an education job fair and networking receptions. The Career Center houses a career resource room that contains over 700 books and other resources related to majors, careers, internships, job search and graduate school. In addition, the Career Center conducts an annual survey of alumni one year post-graduation; employment, internship and graduate/professional school outcome information is available via the Career Center website.

We strongly encourage all students to login to eCareerCenter to obtain on-line access to:

  • Jobs (part-time, full-time, local, national) and Internships (paid, academic, volunteer)
  • Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.) with alumni, parents and friends of the College who have volunteered to share career-related information and job search advice
  • Events and Recruiting, including Information Tables/Sessions, Resume Collections, On-Campus Interviews, Education Expo and other career-related programs
  • Handouts and Forms (resume and cover letter, interviewing, credential file, career planning, graduate school, job/internship search, and networking)
  • Upload your job/internship search documents (resume, cover letters etc.) and create job/internship search agents
  • Career-related links (job/internship listing sites, salary, graduate school, employment agencies, plus more)

It is never too early or too late to explore career interests and options, gain experience through employment and/or internship opportunities, develop a network or begin the job search. Students should stop by the Career Center, (Saint Joseph Hall, Third Floor), call (518) 454-5141, or refer to the Career Center’s website at

Employment and Graduate/Professional School Statistics

Employment statistics and graduate/professional school outcome information, gathered from annual surveys of recent graduates may be found on the College website at

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is available for students who may, at one time or another, experience difficult periods in their lives. Counseling is a process of exploring oneself and one’s experiences with trained professionals in a safe, private and confidential manner. A wide range of personal, family, relationship, or academic issues can be explored with the assistance of counselors at the center.

Center services include: individual and couples counseling; support groups; consultations; educational workshops on a variety of wellness/prevention topics; and confidential referrals to other sources for help. Counseling services are free and open to all current students of the College. Day appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The Counseling Center is located at 947 Madison Avenue.

Spiritual Life

The Office of Spiritual Life promotes the Mission of the College and consists of the offices of Campus Ministry, Community Service, and Mission Experience. Campus Ministry is located in the Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary and promotes the personal and spiritual growth of the campus community. Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry provides interfaith and ecumenical programs of prayer, liturgy and celebration to invite the spiritual growth of people of different faiths. Yearly retreats, volunteer opportunities, workshops and individual counseling and direction are offered to students who wish to develop their spiritual lives.

The Office of Community Service and Mission Experience are located at 950 Madison Avenue. Community Service encourages and supports involvement in community outreach and service programs. A large network of local agencies provides students with ample opportunities for service. Community Service also works with faculty to develop service learning opportunities for various courses. The Office of Mission Experience develops opportunities for student leadership and for international service.

People of all religious beliefs and traditions are welcome to make our community at the College rich in spiritual insight and experience. All are encouraged to work for justice and peace.

Health Services

The Health Service provides nursing coverage and various clinical services five days a week during the academic year to students who have paid a health service fee. Part-time students, registered for six or more credits, who wish to use the Health Service will be charged a per semester fee (charge is assessed to the student’s business office account). Students who have not enrolled in the school health insurance remain eligible to utilize the on-campus Health Service.

A physician or nurse practitioner is on campus to see and treat students during the week. Walk-in clinic hours are posted at the beginning of each semester. There is no additional charge for services provided in the Health Service, but students assume financial responsibility for all outside medical services such as visits to specialists, prescription drugs, ambulance transportation, emergency room visits and laboratory work sent off campus.

New York State Law requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957 registering for six or more credits to prove immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. All students registering for six or more credits must submit:

  • Immunization Record
  • Report of Medical History

Required Immunizations Consist of:

Measles (Rubeola):

  • The student must submit proof of two doses of live measles vaccine given after 1967. The first dose given no more than 4 days prior to the student’s first birthday and the second dose at least 28 days after the first dose; or
  • The student must submit serological proof of immunity to measles through a lab report from an approved medical laboratory confirming immunity; or
  • The student must submit a statement from the diagnosing physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner that the student has had measles disease.


  • The student must submit proof of one dose of live mumps vaccine given after 1968 and no more than 4 days prior to the student’s first birthday; or
  • The student must submit serological proof of immunity to mumps through a lab report from an approved medical laboratory confirming immunity; or
  • The student must submit a statement from the diagnosing physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner that the student has had mumps disease.

Rubella (German measles):

  • The student must submit proof of one dose of live rubella vaccine given after 1968 and no more than 4 days prior to the student’s first birthday; or
  • The student must submit serological proof of immunity to rubella through a lab report from an approved medical laboratory confirming immunity (Since rubella rashes resemble rashes of other diseases, it is impossible to diagnose reliably on clinical grounds alone. Serological evidence is the only permissible alternative to immunization).


  • Certificate of immunization for meningococcal meningitis disease; or
  • An acknowledgement of meningococcal disease risks and refusal of meningococcal meningitis immunization signed by the student or student’s parent or guardian.

In addition to the Immunization requirements, all International and Resident Students must submit the following:

  • Report of Health Evaluation
  • Report of Health History

Health records should be on file in Health Services by August 15th for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring semester.

  • Late admits must submit all necessary paperwork prior to registration.
  • Students who fail to supply the necessary records will be academically withdrawn from classes and removed from resident housing on the 30th day from the start of the semester.  Out-of-state and International students are allowed an extended period of up to 45 days to submit necessary records.  If you receive a financial aid package, awards may be adjusted accordingly and you will be responsible for any institutional charges incurred up to the point of withdrawal.
  • Correspondence related to insufficient records will be communicated via student Saint Rose email accounts.
  • Health forms are available on The Saint Rose website at Call (518) 454-5244 with any health concerns or questions.

Health Insurance

The College of Saint Rose recognizes the importance of available, affordable health care. The College of Saint Rose is pleased to provide all Undergraduate and Graduate Students with a comprehensive form of accident and sickness insurance. Please see the Saint Rose website for more information. 

Parent Relations

The Office of Parent and Family Relations is dedicated to providing consistent communication to parents and community members, while serving as a resource and advocate regarding parent issues and concerns. The primary goals of the office are to serve as a campus liaison between parents and other departments; to assist parents in resolving concerns; and to help the campus community understand how the office may benefit individual departments in their efforts to enhance the educational mission of our students.

Clubs and Organizations

The College of Saint Rose recognizes the importance of co-curricular activities. Participation in a club or organization affords students the opportunity to develop important leadership and interpersonal skills. It also provides some significant “hands-on” experience to complement students’ academic records. There are over 30 clubs and organizations recognized by the Student Association. Students can learn more about the clubs that are available by calling (518) 454-5198 or by visiting the Student Association office in the Events and Athletics Center. There is also an Activities Fair held in early September where representatives from various clubs will be present. (

ID Cards

Free identification cards will be issued to new students by the ID Card office, which is located in the Student Solution Center on the third floor of Saint Joseph Hall. ID cards should be carried at all times and must be produced upon request from staff or faculty. Students forfeit their ID card upon withdrawal from the College. Cards must be turned in to the ID Card office. To replace an ID card, the student must appear in person to the ID Card office. The student’s account will be assessed a replacement fee of $30.00.


The College has various parking lots located within and around the campus. Vehicles must be registered with the College, and a hang-tag permit must be displayed on the vehicle to park in College-owned and leased lots. The permit cost is $100.00 for resident students and $50.00 for commuter students. Permits are issued each academic year from the Office of Safety and Security headquarters at 340 Western Avenue or online at: There is a one (1) permit limit per individual. A copy of the Parking Regulations and Information is issued when the hang tag permit is issued. Vehicles without hang tag permits or parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed and may be immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense. Freshman students are not allowed to have vehicles on campus. The College assumes no responsibility or liability for vehicles or their contents parked in College-owned or leased parking lots.

The College reserves the right to change established fees and services, and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.