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Biochemistry – BS

Program Overview:

The Biochemistry major provides the opportunity for students to concentrate on an increasingly important academic discipline within the context of their liberal arts and science education. The Biochemistry major is an excellent choice for pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary students; for graduate study in biochemistry, biology, or chemistry; and for students who are interested in careers ranging from allied health professions, biochemical research in government and industrial laboratories to careers in forensics or the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. Once a student has matriculated, all major requirements must be taken at Saint Rose unless formal written permission to do otherwise is given by the advisor and the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences with consultation of the instructor.

Program Contacts:

To email Department Co-Chairs,

 Dr. Jacqueline Smith or Dr. Stephanie Maes

Program Webpage:

Biochemistry, BS

Program Requirements:

Major in Biochemistry (76 credits)

BIO 190Prin of Biology 1


BIO 190LPrin of Biology 1 Lab


BIO 191Prin of Biology 2


BIO 191LPrin of Biology 2 Lab


BIO 280General Microbiology


BIO 280LGeneral Microbiology Lab


BIO 351Cell Biology


BIO 351LCell Biology Lab


BIO 354Immunology


BIO 354LImmunology Laboratory


BIO 358Genetics


BIO 358LGenetics Lab


CHM 190Gen Chemistry 1


CHM 190LGen Chemistry 1 Lab


CHM 191Gen Chemistry 2


CHM 191LGen Chemistry 2 Lab


CHM 201Organic Chemistry 1


CHM 201LOrganic Chemistry 1 Lab


CHM 202Organic Chemistry 2


CHM 202LOrganic Chemistry 2 Lab


CHM 203Quantitative Analysis


CHM 203LQuantitative Analysis Lab


CHM 401Physical Chemistry 1


CHM 401LPhysical Chem Lab 1


CHM 402Physical Chemistry 2


CHM 402LPhysical Chem Lab 2


MAT 190Calculus 1


MAT 191Calculus 2


PHY 190Fund of Physics 1


PHY 190LFund of Physics 1 Lab


PHY 191Fund of Physics 2


PHY 191LFund of Physics 2 Lab


CHM 307Biochemistry


CHM 307LBiochemistry Lab


BIO 409Biochemistry 2


BIO 409LBiochem 2 Lab


SCI 399Natural Sciences Colloquium


SCI 399: required every semester

All 4-credit science courses have a required laboratory component.

The Department of Physical and Biological Sciences highly recommends that all students majoring in the sciences take CSC 202 in fulfillment of their L08 Liberal Education requirement. The Department of Physical and Biological Science recommends that students majoring in Biochemistry take MAT 201 as an elective.

For those interested in pre-professional programs such as pre-medical or pre-veterinary studies, refer to the Academic Programs and Options section of this catalog.

Students failing a course in the major three times will be dismissed from the major.

For those interested in honors-level undergraduate research, please see the Research Honors section below.

School of Mathematics & Sciences Research Honors Concentration

In order to promote undergraduate research within The College of Saint Rose, the School of Mathematics & Sciences has created a research honors concentration program.

The School recognizes that what constitutes research may vary considerably across disciplines. The descriptions listed below represent the accepted definitions of research within the School of Mathematics & Sciences for individual departments currently offering research honors:

  1. Empirical examination of one or more hypotheses using research protocols and experimental designs appropriate to the student’s discipline. (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Physical and Biological Sciences, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology)
  2. Robust exploratory examination of an advanced Computer Science topic (e.g. programming, design, analysis, simulation) following a traditional research trajectory and/or requiring implementation of a large-scale programming project. (Computer Science)
  3. In depth critical or theoretical examination of the literature on an unresolved issue in the field. (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Social Work, Sociology)
  4. Qualitative examination using research protocols and designs appropriate to the student’s discipline. (Criminal Justice, Behavior and Law, Social Work, Sociology)
  5. Qualitative or deconstructive research that challenges a discipline’s orthodoxy or grand narrative. (Social Work)

Procedural Details:

  1. Students interested in pursuing research honors and who have achieved at least a B average at Saint Rose, must file an “Intent to Pursue Research Honors Concentration” document with the Dean of Mathematics & Sciences, accompanied by a letter of support from a faculty member within the major, and sign up for Research Honors Concentration Candidacy in Mathematics & Sciences for their major at the academic advising office. This concentration will appear on their academic progress report and academic transcript as “Research Honors in Mathematics and Sciences – Department of Biochemistry.”
  2. Students must select a primary research advisor within their major who agrees to oversee the student’s progress toward Research Honors.
  3. Students must complete the research requirements for honors established for their major as indicated in the course catalog, and maintain an average of B or higher in these traditionally graded courses.
  4. At the time of graduation, students must have a minimum overall average of B and must meet or exceed the minimum GPA for research honors within their major as established by their department.
  5. At the conclusion of the research honors requirements, students will submit a thesis in a format appropriate for a scholarly journal within their discipline. Copies of the final thesis will be kept on file in the School of Mathematics & Sciences and in the Neil Hellman Library.

Physical & Biological Sciences

In addition to the general requirements for the research honors concentration described above, students pursuing research honors in the Department of Physical & Biological Sciences must also meet the criteria described below:

  1. Research may be conducted by completing at least 6 credits of undergraduate research (BIO 400, CHM 400, ESC 490, PHY 400) or at least 6 credits of internship (BIO 494, CHM 494, ESC 494) or at least 8 weeks of Department-approved, full-time, supervised summer research. Credit-bearing courses listed here for honors research cannot be taken pass/fail.
  2. As a component of the “Intent to Pursue Research Honors” document for the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences, the student must write an approved research proposal and obtain a letter of support from the supervising faculty.
  3. In addition to achieving at least a B average at the College, students intending to pursue research honors in the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences must have earned at least a B average in their major requirements at the time of completing the “Intent” document.
  4. The research honors option is not available to freshmen in the Department of Physical and Biological Sciences.

Professional Accreditation:

The College of Saint Rose, sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, Albany Province, is chartered by the Board of Regents of New York State. All of its degrees and programs are registered and its professional programs fully approved by the Board of Regents through the New York State Education Department.

The College of Saint Rose is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267-284-5000) The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Career Opportunities and Graduate Study:

The program in biochemistry provides excellent preparation for laboratory work, research, medical school, veterinary school, allied health professions, or graduate study.

Getting the undergraduate experiences necessary to qualify a student for medical, dental, or veterinary school can be challenging. While no specific undergraduate major is required, Biochemistry combined with field specific courses is strongly recommended. Faculty members at The College of Saint Rose help to ensure that students who want to go to medical, dental, or veterinary school have the advice, coursework, and support they need to help them prepare an effective application. Students are guided by the Pre-Med committee, a group of six faculty members who are dedicated to keeping students on-track for their chosen field.


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Admissions and Financial Aid Information:

The Undergraduate Admissions Office begins review of Freshman applications each fall in late September for the following Fall. Students are encouraged to submit a complete an application as early as November. The Admissions Team will return a decision on complete applications within just three weeks. The College awards academic scholarships at the same time.

What Makes an Application Complete

  • Online or Paper application (fee waived for online applicants!)
  • Official High School Transcripts
  • Official Transcripts for any College Level Courses
  • SAT or ACT scores  (See Test Optional FAQ's)
  • Letter of Recommendation from a Counselor or Teacher
  • Essay or Graded Paper
  • Applicants may also apply via the Common Application Online.
  • Art applicants are required to complete a portfolio review.

Admissions contact information (telephone number, admissions web pages)

Scholarships and Financial Aid

See Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid section for more information.

The Bottom Line

The total cost of The College of Saint Rose (including tuition, fees, room and board) is one of the lowest of any private college in the Northeast, and we award more than $25 million in Saint Rose scholarships, grants and financial aid.

Take a look at our bottom line, and view a cost comparison with a four-year public institution.

More about Financial Aid

Financial Aid is defined as any grant, scholarship, loan, or employment opportunity given with the express purpose of assisting you with education-related expenses to make your education affordable. Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of student need and the availability of funds.

The Admission and Financial Aid teams have designed a Guide to Scholarships and Financial Aid to help prospective students and families get to the bottom line and find that The College of Saint Rose is one of the lowest of any private college in the Northeast--while maintaining powerful academic opportunities.

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