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Academic Services

Student Solution Center

The Student Solution Center on the third floor of Saint Joseph Hall should be the first stop for students with registration, payment, or financial aid questions. The staff in this area has been educated to answer most questions students may have about these and many other issues. The telephone number is: (518) 458-5464. The telephone system is set up to address your call to a specified area if all the lines in the Student Solution Center are busy. This is especially necessary during peak times such as the first and last weeks of the semester and during pre-registration.


In preparation for the upcoming semester, one day each semester is set aside for students to meet with their academic advisors to discuss academic progress, make recommendations for registration for the next semester, and receive their alternate PIN enabling them to register. Registration for the upcoming semester is held in November for spring courses and in April for summer and fall courses. Please refer to the semester calendar for these dates. We use a lottery system for registration priority. A computerized, random selection, based on the total number of credits, including anticipated credits accumulated by the end of the current semester, determines registration priority.  Registration lottery letters are sent out each semester to your Saint Rose email account. Matriculated students who are not enrolled for the current semester must contact the Student Solution Center at (518) 458-5464 to obtain their lottery registration date for the returning semester.

Students may register via the Web at the College webpage by logging into the Secure Site or in the Student Solution Center on or after their designated time.  Students may register and add/drop courses online through the first week of each semester. Registration closes at the end of business on the last day of add/drop.  All forms received after the close of business will be process and dated the next business day. 

For their first semester, registration of new students, freshman and transfer, is coordinated through the Office of Academic Advising.

Web Student Self-Service: (

On the Saint rose home page, click on ‘Login’ in the upper right corner of the home page.  Then click on the ‘Login’ box next to “Secure Site”.

Students may view College catalogs and semester course brochures, register for courses, review student records, Academic Progress Reports, DegreeWorks Worksheet and financial accounts, and obtain financial aid information via their own personal computer at home or on campus. Web Student Information is available 5:00am – 3:30am seven days a week. Students may only access personal information with a user identification number and a PIN.  An alternate PIN, obtained from the advisor each semester, is necessary for registration online. The alternate PIN for registration is time-sensitive and semester-specific.  Security of this service is of utmost concern to the College.  Students should not share their identification numbers and PINs with others for security reasons. For more information about Web Student Information, call the Student Solution Center at (518) 458-5464.

Adding or Dropping a Course

Students may only add or drop a full-semester course prior to or during the first calendar week of the semester either via the Web or at the Student Solution Center. Courses dropped during this period will not show on the student’s record. Half-semester, weekend and Summer Session courses may be added or dropped according to published dates in the College semester course brochure.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from one or more of their courses according to official deadlines posted in the College semester course brochure. Courses from which a student has withdrawn will be recorded as W. Students who merely stop attending a course and fail to withdraw from that course will incur an F grade. The procedure to withdraw from a course is initiated at the Student Solution Center or the Registrar’s office. If applicable, the official date when a student withdraws from a course is the basis to determine refunds or tuition adjustment. Prior to withdrawing from a course, students should review policies regulating refunds, full-time status, grading penalty, financial aid and immigration status.

Withdrawing from the College

Students who wish to withdraw from all course work at the College must notify the Dean of their school in writing. The grade W will be recorded for official withdrawals that occur prior to the posted mid-semester deadline. Withdrawals after mid-semester are subject to the grade of F. Students should review policies relating to refunds, grade penalty, financial aid and immigration status prior to withdrawing from the College.

Students receiving financial aid or scholarships must complete the exiting process with the Office of Financial Aid.


The College participates in a cross-registration agreement with some local colleges and universities. This allows students the opportunity to take a course in a subject area not offered by Saint Rose. Students participating in cross-registration must be full-time and take at least half of the semester credit load at Saint Rose.  According to the agreement guidelines students may not cross-register for a course which appears in the catalog of their home institution. The course taken must be applicable to the degree. In addition, students may not cross-register during the summer. Cross-registered courses count toward resident credit, and grades are calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

Applications and further information are available in the Student Solution Center or the Registrar’s office.

Degree Application

An application for degree is due to the Registrar’s office the semester prior to anticipated degree completion.  Consult the academic calendar for the specific dates.

Resumption of Study

Students in Good Academic/Conduct Standing:

Students who have officially withdrawn, or who have not attended the College for at least two consecutive semesters (summer sessions are not included), must complete an Application for Resumption of Undergraduate Study. Students in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or above) should submit the application to the Director of Academic Advising (518-454-5217). The review process includes verification of student status by appropriate campus offices. Under some circumstances, students may be approved to resume study provided that conditions outlined by the School Dean and/or Vice President of Student Affairs are met. In some cases the Director of Academic Advising may require students to work with the Academic Support Center to develop an academic support plan.

Students Not in Good Academic Standing:

There are two ways that students are not in good academic standing:

A) Students whose GPA fall below 2.0

Students may not be in good standing as a result of either academic or student conduct dismissal. If the dismissal is academic, it is binding for a period of at least one year. Students who have been academically dismissed (or who have GPA below 2.0) and wish to resume study at the College must:

  1. Complete the Resumption of Undergraduate Study form.
  2. Provide evidence of likelihood of success. Evidence may include such documentation as a letter of recommendation from an employer, or a transcript indicating successful completion of course work at another college.
  3. Contact the appropriate Dean’s office in order to request re-admittance to the College. The Dean reserves the right to determine whether evidence presented is in support of resumption.
  4. Meet with the Director of Academic Advising (518-454-5217), once resumption of study is approved by the Dean, for advisement or to be assigned an advisor.
  5. If the student is permitted to resume, he/she will be required to register for CDS 021 – Strategies for College Success, which is taught by the Director of the Learning Center.

B) Students dismissed by the Provost for violation of the standards of academic integrity.

Students who have been dismissed by the Provost for violation of the standards of academic integrity must petition the Provost for resumption of study. The Provost will contact the Registrar’s Office for a review of the academic integrity records.

Students Not in Good Conduct Standing:

Students who have been dismissed or suspended for student conduct reasons, but who are in good academic standing, may request resumption of study at the time designated in their letter of sanction. They must:

  1. Complete the Resumption of Undergraduate Study form.
  2. Provide documentation, as outlined in the letter of sanction, which certifies that they are able to rejoin the campus community as a contributing member.
  3. Make an appointment with the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (518-454-5170) to request re-admittance to the College. The Assistant Vice President reserves the right to determine the student’s readiness to resume life within the College community.
  4. Meet with the Director of Academic Advising, once resumption of study is approved by the Assistant VP, to be officially resumed and to be assigned an advisor.

All students who resume study are subject to the College programs and policies in effect at the time of resumption of study.

Academic Advising

Every matriculated student is assigned an academic advisor who will be available to answer questions, provide guidance in course selection, clarify program requirements, and assist students in setting goals and making knowledgeable career decisions. Advisors also assist students in planning their academic programs, signing registration forms, and giving alternate PINs to allow students to register for classes.

Students should understand that the responsibility for arranging appropriate programs and for meeting all degree requirements rests with the student. The academic advisement given by faculty or administrators acting as advisors is offered solely to assist students in meeting this responsibility.

The Office of Academic Advising is a central source of academic information where students receive assistance with advising-related concerns and the interpretation of College policies, programs, and requirements. Students may request help in choosing an academic major and identifying career possibilities. In addition, students on academic probation may receive support and guidance toward improving their academic standing.

Students majoring in any programs in the School of Education who need assistance beyond that provided by their academic advisors should go to the Field Placement and Advisement Office located in Room 144 of the Lally School of Education. These programs include Childhood Education (Grades 1-6), Communication Sciences and Disorders, Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2), Early Childhood Education/Special Education (Birth-Grade 2), and Special Education/Childhood Education (Grades 1-6). Please note that students studying Adolescence Education programs will not proceed through this office, but through the Office of Academic Advising located in Saint Joseph Hall.

Placement Testing

All new students, both freshmen and transfers, are required to take a math placement test. Test results aid in the proper placement of students in appropriate mathematics and science courses that meet requirements for specific academic programs or for liberal education. The placement test must be taken prior to the student’s first semester at The College of Saint Rose. Test sessions are offered on selected dates during the summer, also during Summer Orientation and Transfer Advisement Days. Placement scores from other institutions are not transferable. Students receive their placement score reports immediately upon completion of the test.

Students entering The College of Saint Rose as freshmen or transfer students will take the math placement test with the following exceptions:

If a student enters with a grade of C or better in a Pre-Calculus or Calculus course that carries college credit, he or she need not take the placement test and may take any mathematics course at The College of Saint Rose for which the student meets the prerequisites.

If a student enters with a 3 or better on the Advanced Placement test in Calculus, he or she need not take the placement exam and may take any mathematics course at The College of Saint Rose for which the student meets the prerequisites.

Students who do not gain an appropriate score on the College’s math placement exam, as determined by course or program requirements, must receive math remediation and retake the test in the Academic Support Center. For further inquiries about the math placement test, contact the Office of Academic Advising at (518) 454-5217.

Services to Adult Students

The Graduate Admissions and Continuing Education office provides information to adults who are preparing to enter or return to The College of Saint Rose. Counselors assist adult students in accessing the support they need to transition into college. Depending on their academic preparation and goals, adult students may be advised to apply for admission, or they may choose to take classes on a non-matriculated basis. However, adult students who plan to seek a degree at the College are advised to apply for admission on a matriculated basis before completing their first 12 credit hours.

Neil Hellman Library

The Library contains over 222,000 volumes, 550 periodical subscriptions, over 312,000 microforms, and subscriptions to 55 web-based journal packages, which provide access to over 70,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers. The Library also provides access to over 92,000 electronic books. Other resources are housed in the College Archives/Special Collections, located on the third floor of the main Library, and the Patricia Standish Curriculum Library, located in the Lally School of Education. Membership in the Capital District Library Council and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) network provide access to materials from libraries worldwide through interlibrary loan.

The Library provides computers for student use. In addition to public workstations located throughout the building, the Library has laptop computers that students can check out and use throughout the building. A wireless network provides Internet access through all four floors of the Library. All computers have browsers and Microsoft Office software installed, and students can print from anywhere in the building. The Library’s subscription databases and other electronic resources are available to students from anywhere on or off campus.

Librarians are available whenever the Library is open to help with any library or research needs. Personal, one-on-one reference help and research guidance is available on an appointment basis.

During the fall and spring semesters, the Library is open over 91 hours per week.


8:15am − 11:00pm


8:15am − 9:00pm


9:00am − 6:00pm


Noon − 11:00pm

The Library offers extended hours during the final examination period each semester.

The Patricia Standish Curriculum Library

The Patricia Standish Curriculum Library houses over 12,000 resources and hands-on materials to support undergraduate and graduate studies within The School of Education. The Curriculum Library is located on the second floor of the Thelma P. Lally School of Education building.

The collection includes a circulating reference collection of ideas for lesson plans and therapy sessions, picture books, juvenile fiction, young adult fiction, big books, information books, kits, textbooks, readers, New York State Standards and Curriculum Guides, the Touhey Collection of Multicultural materials, and standardized tests.

Curriculum Library tours are provided in collaboration with professors throughout the semesters. Reference services are provided by librarians, reference assistants, and staff.

Hours (Fall and Spring Semesters):

Monday -Thursday

8:30am − 9:00pm


8:30am − 5:00pm


11:00am − 4:00pm


12:00pm − 5:00pm

Transcript of Record

A transcript is released only upon written request of the student. An official transcript, one bearing the seal and an authorized signature of The College of Saint Rose, is sent from the Registrar’s office directly to the official or institution specified. An official transcript issued to a student will be labeled “Issued to Student.” The College does not issue copies of transcripts on file from other institutions. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have outstanding financial obligations to the College. We are unable to fax transcripts.

Change of Name

Students must indicate a change of address each time their address changes.  This can be done online through the Secure Site, or in-person at the Registrar’s office.

Change of Address

Students must indicate a change of address as often as necessary by completing the form provided in the Student Solution Center.

Cancellation of Classes

If there is to be a cancellation of day and/or evening classes or late opening because of snow or icy roads, a recorded message can be heard on the College’s emergency closing number, (518) 458-5377. College closing and delays are also announced through the following media as soon as the decision to close/delay is made (usually by 6:30am for full day closings or morning delays): radio stations WENU (101.7FM; 1410AM), WFFG (107.1FM), WFLY (92.3FM), WGY (103.1FM; 810AM), WNYQ (105.7FM), WMML (1230AM), WRVE (99.5FM), WYJB (95.5FM), WKBE (110.3FM); and television stations WNYT (Ch.13), WRGB (Ch.6), WTEN (Ch.10), WXXA (Ch.23) and Capital News 9.